Visit to Khan Khalili

Since January that I did not have the courage to visit Khan Khali, do not ask me why because the latest events explains the lack of security in the streets as rumors spreads.

I took a taxi and went to see by myself if it was really so dangerous like everyone says and for my surprise nothing was related to that rumors, the market its completely empty ( sad really), Fishawy coffee had at least 5 people sitting waiting for their drinks and believe me that It was very easy to choose a place to sit down, something that never happened before.

Shop owners were speaking with me saying that business was really bad, because Internet and news spread to the world that was unsafe to go there and that if continuous like this they will be forced to close their stores.

Its really sad to know that everyone is still afraid of coming to Egypt, I understand their fears but I live here and nothing ever happen to me, very grateful about that.