Telephone at Home

Finally I have telephone at my house, after 5 years living in Egypt I decided to have something ( beside my house) under my name. Really for me it was a hard and long decision, first of all I did not want at all to pay 2000LE as a foreign to put a landline in my apartment, so I waited till I got my nationality to do it as an Egyptian.

Went to Egyptian Telecom and signed the first contract, after 2 days they come to my apartment and connected the line, everything was looking fine, the problem is that the wire is outside the building and as I know there will be people who can take my line and start making calls and I will pay it at the end. Nope, I decided to put the phone to receive calls and ADSL service, bad luck for the neighbors who might have that idea, its completely blocked.

All the process was very easy and I am really impressed by the way.