A genius dentist !!!!!

As everyone knows I have been crazy with my teeth, it's old age, I'm in the car with a friend and the conversation goes like this:

Samia- Are you fine Marina
Me- I have a pain in the teeth, according to my dentist I have to take it out and after 6 months I will implant another one, Yes I will be temporarily toothless.
Samia - And why you did not extract it yet
Me - I am afraid, not very fond of anesthesia and I want a second opinion
Samia-Oh, I know a genius doctor , I went to him because of my 4 wisdom teeth’s , I was in pain , he told me that he will not take them out because they look perfect
Me -But they still hurt you
Samia-Every day.

Well this is where I start to wonder how can he be a good a doctor if he did not do anything to her and still left her to suffer and they still ask me why I am afraid.