But what's Shaabi??

In the suburbs of Cairo a new dance was born combined with the rise of music "Sha'abi. ", which is not officially recognized, but is extremely popular among the population.

In great number of parties no one can live without the music Shaabi."Sha'abi "means "the people" and the letter is always associated with a social theme and \ or political event , the singer should know well the art of Mawal (improvisation and storytelling). One of the famous singers of this style of music is Shabaan Abdul Raheem.

The dance itself is more sexual, no arabesques, not great technique, based more on feelings, expressions, and slower movements.

Note that on stage we can use tight dresses with a scarf at the waist, but in Egypt the pure dance is done with Galabeya, in a traditional society can not be expected that girls will dance with tight dresses. Hence the technique of seduction, facial expressions and the slow and sinuous movements are done to draw attention.