What women should avoid in Egypt

In a traditional society any foreign women will have some difficulties in adjusting herself to a new reality, Egyptian have a strict code for what they consider a decent women or someone that actually can be part of their friendship circles. If you want your life to be easier in this part of the world believe that the below points are very crucial, five years ago I considered most of them pathetic:

- Do not take a gentleman to your apartment
- Do not let yourself drive home by different male friends
- Do not close your apartment door if you are alone at home with a guy ( crazy but true), this happened with me every time someone came to fix anything in my flat;
- Marriage in Egypt it’s the only excuse for a couple to live in the same apartment, so pretend you are married, use a ring, whatever
- Avoid to get out with wet hair( no comments)
- Use conservative cloth (no tops, shorts, etc…. You get my point)
- When putting your underwear to dry avoid the first row ( lol)
- If you take a bus sit down next to a girl
- In the Metro take the female wagon
- In the Taxi avoid the front sit and if you are alone just take your MP3 player
- Avoid female conversations in front of the guys
- In Egypt the girls do not kiss males in the face, you can shake hands or nothing ( I prefer the last one when I do not know the person well

Hope that this help you to understand a little about being a woman around here, welcome to crazy Egypt J