28 January 2011

I wake up early to meet with my friends in a private condominium (we were going to the hotel if its only necessary), tension is in the air , only the call for Prayer breaks the silence that surrounds me. I try to make a call without success, it was already too late, the network had been cut by this time the driver leaves the car like crazy to say that we had to hurry.

Already in the condo while I try to read a little, Karim enters and connects the main TV where we watched the pitched battle that begins to unfold in Tahir (rubber bullets, tear gas) while I admire the courage of Egyptians.

The police eventually disappear from the streets and the army comes down with their tanks, my friends started to panic because they can not talk to their brothers who also went to the revolution. We hugged and tried to calm us each other, there is nothing to do but wait. The curfew isinstalled, no one can leave , we do not know what else will happen, again hopefully, we witnessed the first speech of Mubarak. The floor of the mosque turns out to be our resting place that seems endless.