27 January 2011

I am informed that a demonstration called by the facebook would take place on Friday after the prayer and that would be far better to book a hotel in Cairo. I call immediately to my friends, managers, and to my dear friend who was on vacation in Cairo to warn her not to leave home.

AT 10 pm the Internet its cut, someone also communicate to me that the phones will also be cut and it would be better to call my family in Portugal to warn them.Suddenly a feeling of insecurity that had never experienced in Egypt begins to take form, perhaps fear of the unknown, of what could happen.

At night's the driver takes me home and I feel a certain tension in the air, something historic was happening.I knew only that Egyptians wanted one thing (Horeya-Freedom) and that the price would be high for the desired freedom.I get home and my husband hugs me in an attempt to calm me down, I could not sleep, had a lump in my throat, a heaviness in the chest outside the normal. I hardly knew what was coming.