Prices going up!

In three years prices of the goods and services quadruplicated, affecting thousand of people who live essentially of the small wages that go up to 150LE and 500LE.The lowest class of the Egyptian society live difficult times, three years ago was possible to survive with the price relatively low for basic food. However, increase of oil price , left families without access to foods such as: fruit, meat or fish, rice and beans - the famous ful - that prevented that many not passed hunger, are not so accessible this days. I remember that when I arrived to Cairo, the price of a package of milk was only 2 LE and at this moment it costs 6.95LE without speaking of other foods that had still suffered a higher increase.
This increase also affected the Egyptian traditions, the gold purchase was basic to offer the bride, but at this moment many couples buy only the rings for the marriage. In turn, the parties had started to be more private as well the purchase of houses decreased. It is also verified that each time younger people does not get marry till they achieve 30 years due the lack of economic resources