Samia Gamal's private life

Collected in the beginning of her violent love story artist Farid al-Atrash, and boyfriend Mohammed Amin she told him she married Fred that ended in divorce because he was unable to formally announce their marriage. Which caused great pain to the late star.Samia Gamal married later with  Shepherd King, who announced his conversion to Islam before marrying her and called himself Abdullah. This marriage did not last.In the late fifties she married the late star Roshdy Abaza,.

Relationship with Roshdy Abaza, was  difficult (personal and volatile temper, and was addicted to drink alcohol making him in a permanent state of nervous.) ended in divorce. 

 Samia Gamal stopped dancing in 1972 when she was nearly in her 50s but began again after given advice by Samir Sabri. She then danced until the early 1980s.
Samia Gamal died on December 1, 1994, at 70 years of age in Cairo, Egypt.