Bahebek Ya Masr

I love this sacred land, but seeing what's going on, I want to leave Egypt. Im Sad to see a country so beautiful and full of history being destroyed by the lack of commitment of his politcs his own people. Sorry my dear Egptyan friends , some of you have is part of my family but I can not stop talking about what I feel. I am married, have a husband , I eat and drink from this land, I think I have some right to express my feelings.
I am Brazilian, my country and my people are not the best in the world, but we we use to respect the differences, We don’t use to ask what is your religion. Their religion does not matter. We are brasilian!! Nobody is asking BAACHICHE just because give you a injection or care you in hospital or just becouse open a door for you.. If someone throw trash on the ground and is caught has to pay, driving without a safety belt, close the cars and cause accidents will be punished. Here they use the car as a weapon, destroy families and futures just because they believe that death is Nassib. So they say: '' If death and Nassib because I'll worry about my life and the other lives ? Egypt is in an extremely difficult situation, many people complain that they do not have jobs, but when they have a job so they use to complain about salaries. Whats better? Have a job with small salary or sit at café?, Pray is a obrigation, but it don’t take more than 5 minuts…Some people take to much time making Doaah..God don’t help those don’t help themselves. Egypt need in hurry people to bring results, and what will bring this good result? Compromising and attitude from this people. In my opinion the Egyptians are the smartest people in this world, but are accommodated. What was the revolution without the Egyptian people understand that to improve and build a country, before discus about the rights they must discuss about duties and that is not everything bad that happened here was the fault of their presidents, civilians also have resposabilities about. Or who will be using the car as a weapon, polluting the waters, making streets dirty and making noise at midnight is a Naser, Sadat, Mobarak and Morsi fault? the waters, Is easy to blame others when the problem is inside us. WEAK UP YA MASSREEN!.

-- This text was wrote by my best friend in Egypt