You want to dance with me?

I wonder why Egyptians really  think that foreign just dance in a sexual kind of way, oh man I wish that was really true sometimes with the right guy.
I received an invitation to go to Semiramis Salsa night, I liked the idea but never said to the guy that I wanted to go with him, especially after is strange conversations and letters that he sends to me saying that he really loves me ( yeah right!!!!):

-          ( Egyptian guy ) So you want to come to Salsa??
-          I might go seems a good way to have fun J
-          ( Egyptian guy ) Do you dance Salsa?
-          Well, I have danced it before
-          ( Egyptian guy ) Really ???? So you also  do sexual dance???
-          What  you mean???
-          ( Egyptian guy ) Well Dirty dance style with dancing and touching………….
-          Look, If I go there its only to learn Salsa not to have sex on stage.
-          ( Egyptian guy ) You know I love you so much, I want to be your friend forever.
-          Yeah right

Get a grip guys I am  not like that , I am extremely shy and when you ask me this I tend to disappear and leave you speaking alone. Gosh is this the only way to speak with a women, I miss that man that I met before that I truly my friends and we can have fun together without any sexual harassment.