A foreigner Falling in love in Egypt

- No kissing, no cuddling in the streets
- You cannot invite him to your apartment ( if you are renting one), the doormen won’t allow it , unless there is money to bribe him or a Orfi Marriage contract;
- If you are staying in a Hotel he won t be allowed to join you unless you are married, this is Egyptian Law
- Egyptian’s usually choose to marry a foreign because they are so poor and they cannot get marry in another way or they want to leave the country ( there are exceptions)
- They will always tell you “ I love you”, even if they are lying
- You will get comments such “ Why you marry a foreign???”, simple because they think any foreign only thinks about sex and they are easy and not good enough as an Egyptian wife
- His family will hardly accept the union, especially if you were married before, age concerns or if there are children involved.
- You will be expected to hear is family asking you why you still are not pregnant after 1 year of marriage, huge pressure “ count on it”
- If you decide to marry in Egypt expect to have no party at all “ they usually do it for Egyptian wives but hardly for a foreign”, I know hundreds of cases like this. You will sign the papers with no translation and they will keep asking you everything in Arabic.

Note that there are exceptions and I know people who are really happy, but usually the husband is mature and has good working conditions. Always try not to follow your heart “ yes, I know sometimes it’s difficult” , give reason a chance before deciding your life.