Ignorant Taxi Driver

Do I have something that attracts ignorant people , honestly sometimes I think that certain things only happen to me and some days I'm completely fed up.
My driver decided to take an holiday, so I decided to take a Taxi and go on with my life.Entering the car I explainned in Arabic where I wanted to go and so far everything was good, I notest that taxi driver smoked like an horse and decided to light a cigarette, he turns to me and:
Taxi driver: But you can not smoke
Me -Why, you're not smoking??
Taxi-But I am a man and you a woman
Me - And............
Taxi-Women are special, so they have to be protected
Me- Mans really like to say what women can or cannot do around here, do I know you from anywhere
Taxi-Oh, no problem, but you will know that the Egyptians are crazy
Me - Because people like you Egypt does not develop
Taxi driver: But you have problems in the street
Me - Obviously, the streets are full of people like you

And here ended the conversation because I had lost the patience to answer , he continued to talk nonsense on the other I looked at the palm trees and the sunset which was undoubtedly much more interesting.