Should a belly dancer know the Arabic music Rhythms

Definitely the answer is yes.

Many dancers today only learn technique, more and more steps without caring with the true Egyptian nature and origin for this art. In Egypt its not all about technique, mostly its about feelings, to known how to interpret a music, a song its really important to them.

Imagine being on stage and suddenly a Saidi Rhythm enters and you continue like nothing happened, not changing the way you dance to approach a particular rhythm it’s a huge mistake and a complete lack of knowledge for Egyptian public, so for all dancers ---------- learn as much as you can about Arabic Rhythms.

Here you have some Arabic rythims:

- Masmudi Kebir ( you can find it in Egyptian Classic music)
- Masmudi Saghayir ( Known also as Baladi)
- Maksum ( can be found in several several pop music)
- Saidi ( Folklore and also in Shaabi music)
- Whada kebir ( improvising)
- Malfuf (( used in stage opening)
- Samahi ( Used in Oriental Classics)
- Zaar ( Performed by trance dances)

You can search online, listen music, learn some basic rhythms with a teacher in your area, but think about ( if you have the opportunity) to come to Egypt and see a life performance and perhaps learn with an Egyptian musician, your performance will change forever.