28 February to 1 February

I leave the condo where I was staying, the driver takes a bat to defend ourselves if necessary, the streets are empty, and on the road there are several burning tires and looting taking place. We reached Remaya (along the Pyramids) and the army checks all the documents of those who pass.
There are hotels and clubs on fire in Haram, there are no signs of the police. I get to my building hoping that everything is ok, that my husband is at home.
During four days I cannot sleep, I try to protect my home as I can, putting furniture behind the door, arming myself with kitchen knives, etc………..
Whenever I try to sleep a machine gun starts and the noise it’s unbearable, the neighbors are on the streets and rooftops armed with sticks, knives, samurai weapons and guns.
F-16 passes over my house and I feel a mixture of fear and excitement at the same time, the embassy finally calls me and tells me I have to pack, my hopes that everything will be ok fall down, crying like a child, I do not know what to do, I do not want to run away from my beloved Egypt, leaving everything behind, my body and soul hurts me.
I go to the embassy, they tell me to spend the night there but the idea of it somehow does not appeal me, in a lunatic mood I challenge the curfew with my luggage and take a Taxi. The Taxi driver warns me that it’s too dangerous to be in the street and start to defy speed limits. We stop several times, my heart seems to go out of my chest, I pray that I get home safe and tears fall down my face. The Egyptians stop the taxi and tell me not to worry with the most kind words opposite from some people that I meet at the embassy.
I wonder how there can be two opposite worlds, one that is in perfect chaos and still find time to give us a pat on the shoulder and another who merely criticize and uplifted by our weakness, it’s hard to understand?.
I sleep in my bed and in the morning I go back to the embassy where until the last minute I struggle not to go on military aircraft. I have lost the battle; we are escorted to the airport and headed to Lisbon.
My heart was broken, thinking what I would do next, what would happen, a revolution of feelings
At the end I am also Egyptian and this is also my Country.