Travel to Alexandria

Finally I took a day off to enjoy the beaches of Alexandria that makes me remember so much my country . I woke up at 4:30 AM " I slept only 1 hour" , with my husband preparing the food for the travel (we avoid to eat outside due the innumerable times that I already was sick -intoxicated) and with my cat shouting.During the travel, which we decide to make with about 30 people (at least 15 were close friends) we sing and dance inside of the bus that we rent, it was fantastic.
When we arrived to Alexandria we visited some famous monuments, downtown (I bought necklaces made with sea shells , I just love it!!!) and later we went to the beach.In the beach we had more than 10 tables, chairs and some boats waiting for us , but here the women and men do not undress at the beach, to enter inside the water they use gym pants and t-shits and the girls a galabeia. Well I dressed a galabeia and I dived, but when I left the water my galabeia was completely glued to my body!!!!!