Marry in Egypt

If you want to get marry in Egypt , there are some steps you must follow such as:

  1. Get a birth certificate ( for the foreign spouse ) , you must take it to your embassy in order to get a document to prove that you are free to marry .
  2. The Egyptian Spouse must get as well a certificate to prove that he/she is not marry (you can get this at KIT KAT - Dokki ,Teretelsawhel Street near from El Sudani Street for 30 pounds ).
  3. After, you must Stamp your certificate at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Authentication Office at Gameit El Dowa El Arabia Street , Mohandessin or at Ahmed Said Street - Abbassia or Sabak Street next to Maryland Gardens in Heliopolis.
  4. Then you will get marry at Civil Marriage Registration Office - Ministry of justice Annex ( Office Marriage for Foreign ) - 4Th floor , Lazoughly Square , Abdin , Cairo ( Near Tahir Square) . Its open from Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 A.M - 1:00 PM and from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM and also on Thursday from 9:00 to 1:00 PM
  5. For translations you can go to the Ministry of Justice Office : Ministry of Justice Building , 13Th Floor , Lazoughly Square , Abdin , Cairo


  • Some nationatilities need a lawyer for the wedding to take place , you can get marry only by the Egyptian government or by your embassy .In Both cases you can register your weeding in order to be marry in Egypt and your own country.
  • You should get a lawyer to help you with the wedding contract( Moakhar). Why ??? Because you can ask and you should have the right to divorce " ASIMA" ,( please insist on it) it means if something happens you can ask for the divorce without your husband consent. Even you can had things such as: you can travel without your husband permission, you can work , study and also ask for a amount of money in case of divorce. You may had as well that your Egyptian husband can not marry any other women ( according to Islamic rules he can marry with four ).
  • The marriage certificate will take one to two weeks to be issued and you must get it in person . Translation is not included .
  • You should contact your embassy to get a lawyer......


Be aware that some facts are really true , for example, if you meet your future husband on the internet do not marry as soon you arrive to Egypt . Give some time to know him , because many just want to marry to be able to get out from Egypt or they are looking for money. This is valid also if you come to the country only for tourism.
You can try first the ORFI MARRIAGE , is not a real wedding but allows you to live with him in the same house " this paper doesn't have any legal issues ". After you decide if he is a good person or not , just be careful!!!