Top 10 Beverages In Egypt

Since I am in Egypt I drink natural juices daily, I never saw a country with so much variety of fruits like Egypt and the fresh juices here are YUMMY, they really are amazing. Check the Top 10 Juices:

  1. Mowz bil-Laban ( banana with Milk)
  2. Gawafa bil- Laban ( Guava with Milk) - If you do not want milk they will do so ;)

       3. Strawberry Juice 
         4. Mango Juice ( I love it )
          5. Asab(Sugarcane Juice)

             6. Karkadey (Hibiscus Juice)

            7. Tamrhindi (Tamarind Juice)

                 8. Sobia (Coconut with Milk)


                     9, Sahlab (Orchid – Orchis Mascula)- my Favourite in the winter

                       10. Watermelon Juice / Cantaloupe Juice:


All the above juices and cocktails, except for the Sahlab which is available at coffee shops, are available at every Juice parlor or shop. The above pictures were taken at Family’s Refreshments (Murattabat Al-’Aaelat) at 83 Othman Ibn Affan Street, Triumph, Heliopolis, Telephone:+2018.261.0060