How to be a bellydancer in Egypt Part 4

And does it worth so much effort only to dance in Egypt? And why not? What you learn in Pharaonic lands will never be learned elsewhere, Egypt is the cradle of oriental dance. The culture, the music, the way of being, everything is absorbed when you stay to much time in Cairo. Imagine , you come from your work and for  any given reason you hear the sound of darbouka and Oud from the street, nubian  weddings (I do run tears, do not ask me why this happens) men dancing in Tahib in store openings. Attending henna parties held by women, dance and learn with them. Learn Arabic as if you were a child, dancing at weddings and feel the warmth of the Egyptian public. Have the opportunity to know ach rhythm of Arabic music and lyrics, words and attitudes typical of Egyptian that you end up absorbing without realizing. Have the honor of visiting families in villages and be received with open arms . To have your patience tested to the limit and even wish the worst to Egypt and 30 minutes later you  love EGYPT with the same intensity. All this and much more is (Baggage) AND PURE KNOWLEDGE.

 It's hard?? Yes, it is not easy. But if others did so, why can´t you do it?