How to be a bellydancer in Egypt Part 3

Ok, now you dance every nigth, you have your salary, wonderful, congratulations Now for the rest of reality.

Pay costumes, musicians, food, rent, transportation, etcccccccccc. All this sounds easy, does not it? Yeah, but its not, especially now, if it was already bad, aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Although belly dancing is part of Arab culture no decent Egyptian woman should do it, its a disgrace to the family.Dancing and prostitution here they mean the same,though I think they have a thing for prostitutes (everything its a prostitute), being a dancer its a mortal sin. If you are happy to dance in Cairo do not walk in the streets lauching the good news to the four winds, your life will be transformed into a simple hell.

The landlord will probably put you in the street literally, the police even if you make a complaint they will not care, no decent man will date or marry you (with few exceptions), but many are  gigolos . You have to be cold and put your feelings aside. Constant sexual harassment inside and outside of work. Many jobs will be suggested but the vast majority are..............., you must have a lot of strength to face storms and say no.

Egypt's economy its difficult, the mentality has changed and there is little work, those that remain, fight hard and its not easy.