How to be a bellydancer in Egypt Part 1

The foreign dancers who come to Cairo with the dream of dancing professionally in Egypt, face various formalities and other moral issues that arose after the revolution. Here my intention is not to make the dancers do not come, it's just a guide, each one is free to decide their dreams and ambitions. One of the first conditions to obtain a for a license to dance its to sign a written contract and start a long bureaucratic process for it, which includes the delivery of the your passport staff in Mogamma (government building in Tahrir), which can only be lifted if your employer agrees,he controls your life. To get a contract you will need to gather a band and find a manager. If you want to be your own manager you should be fluent in Arabic, after you must make auditions in boats and five-star hotels, and till you find someone that wants to employ you all expenses are upon you(musicians, rehearsal rooms, etc ...). 

CONGRATULATIONS if you got your contract, now begins the endless bureaucracy, roll up your sleeves and go out and fight:

  1. 12 photos passport and  the signed contract and to go to the Union of artists and pay the required fees
  2. Go to the employment department for permission to work and have to do an HIV test. This test will be done in a public hospital :(
  3. Afterwith your contract,paper delivered by the Union of artists and also  department of employment you must to go to the immigration department
  4. Go to the Censorship Board with copies of the papers of the departments listed above and they will  send your documents to other departments including the police Desk (where you have to go in person) and then with all the permissions you  should return to the immigration department to give your passport and receive a plastic card, a sort of personal identification.
Note that all departments are in different locations in the city and are buildings are...............:(, where rarely anyone speaks English (Mogamma ).You should also have thecard issued by the board of censorship beyond the plastic card in your hands when they start to work.

* Some things must  have changed ( I do not go for all of it) because I am Egyptian. And also the steps may seem easy, they are not at all. Takes a lot of time, effort and extreme patience.