Sometimes I do have amazing conversations with Muslim Women, the first told me that she wants to cheat her husband and the second told me that she did so twice, note that both are veiled and should be better then any other uncovered women according Egyptian society.

This revelations happened in the same day and the one that was more shocking was the second one, here it goes the conversation:

- I will tell you a secret
- Yes
- I have cheated my husband twice and the first one has naked pictures from me and his wife found out and called my husband, now I am afraid cause I can loose my son
- So what you will do?
- For now I will wait and I am in love with another man and we are like husband and wife
- So he wants to marry you if you divorce?
- Well, he has also another girl and he told me that he will marry her and me
- So you will be his second wife?
- No, I will be the secret wife

I really do not have nothing to say against or in favour, I do know her husband and he is not social at all, but that does not mean that she needs to cheat him,  however I am not in her shoes.