Second Revolution in Egypt- November 2011

I find Egyptian people truly brave to fight for what they believe ( Democracy), I have many friends that go everyday to Tahir and join the protest, yesterday one of them was shot with a rubber bullet. Even so he did not give up, he continues there in pain and believes if he dies it is his destiny. I could not see this bravery anywhere but here, Egyptians were silent for more than 30 years and now they exploded.
One of the things that amazes me it’s that they truly help each others , today there was cars to give blood for the injured in Tahir and there was a lot of people doing so. You may think that it’s dangerous to be here, actually if you do not got to Tahir all Egypt is doing just fine, life goes on for now, everyone goes to work and kids go to school at the end of the day they go to Tahir to support the revolution.

Yes its hard seeing your friend being shot, its hard not knowing what comes next, but I hope that Egypt will overcome all of this.