My own designed costumes

After so many fights and despairs finally I found the someone that really is taking it seriously, from really caring to respect the design, quality, time of preparation and doing it all by himself it’s amazing and at the same time mysterious “ waiting for the first big problems !!!!!!”.

Let me tell you that finding someone who agreed to make the costumes was not an easy task.

I still believe that woman here can have a chance to work and to make something about they own life.

Big mistake …………….

When I was looking for someone to make my costumes I went to many ladies asking to do it so, however all of them refused, and the issue is that it’s related to dance and it’s against religion “haraaam”.

What can I do ???? I cannot force anyone to go against their believes and the only thing left to do was searching till I find someone, which I did “ el hamdulillah"