Taxi drive

A taxi ride can be a crazy trip in Egypt...............So imagine that you are with some friends and most of them are foreign , meanwhile one of the girls wants to take a taxi to go with you to the hotel were you are going to perform. It seems quite normal right , but not here!!!

We entered inside the Taxi and the distance until to the hotel was about two minutes and the fare we should pay was about 3 pounds.

Well , my sweet friend collected the money and when we arrived to the hotel she gave the driver the money . Suddenly the driver gave her back the money and told her "I want more ", and she asked him " how much??? " he replied " I need 10 pounds" she said " you must be joking , i am here for more than one year , I know the prices and I know I gave you 4 pounds , so because of your attitude now you will take only 3 pounds, bye" and you left the taxi and I just couldn't believe her , she was crazy but at the same time funny .I love her.