Going to a pharmacy

Well , this can sound a bit crazy , but believe me it can be a new experience that you will never forget. The first time I went to a Pharmacy I asked for a pain killer , suddenly the pharmacist told me ........ " Well do you need a box or just a strip " he said , I didn't get it at first to be honest !!! This means that you can actually buy any medicine for what you need according what you expect to take , this can avoid you to keep half a pack at home for years and not knowing what to do with it.
I remember when I needed to take an injection , normally you can buy it and a nurse will do the rest.......not here ........they can give you the injection inside the pharmacy or they will just sell you the product and you are suppose to take care of yourself ( I wonder ........I should inject myself??????? I don't get it really !!!!).Anyway I never did it , so I think I am lucky :).

For women ,sometimes a trip to a pharmacy can be stressful , specially if you are buying birth control pills or a pregnancy test. One day ,my best friend, asked me to go with her to get one test and I did, when we entered the pharmacy there were four man behind the counter and I just asked one of them about the test , they started joking , whispering ,among other things.........( I ask myself how do they behave with Egyptian girls , and why ??? specially in a country that having children its their own daily life) . But anyway , this kind of situation can happen in any place , so if you need anything , just go to a pharmacy where there is a woman inside , the man usually behave much better when they are working with women - respect !!!
For men the picture can be the same , according to Egyptian society any kind of product to prevent a pregnancy its a shame , so you can see what also can happen to a man- What can I say !!!!

On the other hand , you can find any kind of medicines with extremely low prices, just go to a pharmacy with air conditioner and good hygiene standards , in these days you can find it everywhere.:)